Friday, 8 February 2013

Spring Look - Perfectly Peach

How to get the perfect look this Spring...

Start your look with this gorgeous b.young assymetric black skirt, a bargain at just £25

next pick up one of these long sleeved tops also from b.young in this brilliant peach colour, wear tucked into the black skirt, a steal at just £19

if you are feeling you need something over to keep you warm in this outfit, try this delicate knitted cardigan in soft pink this is also from the b.young range and is very affordable at £29

To accessorize this outfit you can add a belt and scarf, here are some examples of what you could pair it with:

Here, the turquoise and coral floral print scarf really brings this outfit to life and brightens the whole thing up but also keeping you warmer as those spring days can still be a little cold, another bargain at just £10. The leather belt trio is a Hoss Intropia number, complementing the other colours in the outfit well, costing £69.

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