Wednesday, 20 February 2013

One Dress, Three Looks!

Here are some ideas of how to wear this 'Selected Femme 'Addy Dress' - £35, making it look different every time. 

Outfit one - Here, the dress is layered over a long sleeved basic grey top by b.young only £25. Layering is optional, depending on what you are comfortable with and how cold it is! Another option is a belt, here the belt used is £25 by Selected Femme. To finish this outfit off a colourful necklace to brighten it all up - £19.

Outfit two is the dress without a belt showing how it would look loose. Again, it is layered over the basic top and again this is optional. This outfit has been finished off with both a scarf and a necklace which can sometimes be too much with both, but this works with the bright colours. The same necklace is used as above and the scarf is the grey and pink floral print scarf at just £7.50. The scarf has been left loose here but can also be worn doubled up around the neck.
The third outfit is finished off with a black leather belt that can be tied any way you like. This outfit also has a beautiful beaded necklace which has a leather strap at the back by Hoss Intropia for £69. Again, the layered basic top is optional.

Just some ideas to show that there are many ways to make an outfit look different every time. It's really all about the way you accessorize!

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