Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Are you ready for Winter?

The new B Young Eve coat (£69)

This warm and cosy winter coat by B Young is extremely versatile and wearable in at least 6 different ways! The coat has a detachable collar and you can wear it open or closed. What’s also great about this coat is that you can match it with (almost) every piece in your wardrobe, because it’s a plain coat. It's available in two different colours: navy blue or grey.

  1.  Closed with the collar ‘’draped’’ over your shoulders.

2.  Wear it loose

 3.  Wear the coat and the collar closed


4.  For a different look, wear the collar closed over your shoulders

 5.  Or why not try it without the collar and leave it open?

6.  Wear it closed without the collar for a simple but stylish look.

7.  Teamed with a pair of jeans, a cardigan and this lovely scarf by Selected Femme 

Or wear it with this dress by Kling for a more sophisticated look! 


This coat will be available in the webshop today!




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