Friday, 30 November 2012

Rew Scarfs Arrived!

For a unique gift idea (or a treat for yourself!) take a look at our Rew collars.  These buttoning collars can change the look of an outfit instantly or simply add a splash of colour.  The scarfs are designed and made in the UK - with the temperature now dropping fast, the collars have the added bonus of keeping you warm and stylish too!  

These are just a few examples of some of the new Rew scarfs delivered today - 

rew collar christine scarf
Christine collar £40.00

available in chocolate & pewter
Rew Darcy rust collar
Darcy collar £47.00

available in rust & teal
Rew Shelley boucle collar
Shelley boucle collar £55.00

Rew tabacco collar
Tabacco fleece collar - £30.00

Rew plum fleece collar
Plum fleece collar - £30.00

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